April 16: Michael Bleiweiss, “The History of the Earth Part 1: From Gas Cloud to Early Reptiles”

MichaelBleiweiss_12-21-2015_6_BMichael Bleiweiss is Vice President of the Boston Ethical Community.

The earth has existed for 4½ billion years and it’s been a very busy planet. Continents have formed and broken up and formed again. Millions of species of living things have come and gone. Eventually, one species capable of understanding this history evolved. This three-part lecture series will explore our knowledge of this history. The first part will take us from earth’s formation up until the appearance of the first reptiles.

March 19: Cannabis Society of Massachusetts, “The High Ground”

marijuana leafJoin the Cannabis Society of Massachusetts at the Boston Ethical Community to discuss the ethics of marijuana legalization and its implications on racial justice, personal freedom, government oversight, and the ballot question process. We will focus on the current statute as written, changes proposed by the legislature, and the ethics of altering a ballot question passed by the citizenry without due process or public hearing.

March 5: Cheryl Crawford, “Working for Voter Engagement in Massachusetts”


Cheryl Crawford is the Executive Director of MassVOTE.

MassVOTE is a grassroots organization that works to increase voter participation and engagement in civic affairs, especially in traditionally low voter communities. In the presidential election of 2016, Mass VOTE organized voter registration, Get Out the Vote efforts, and voter tracking efforts in key MA communities.  MassVOTE and Nonprofit VOTE collaborated to win a grant from the Boston Ethical Community. Cheryl will discuss the mission of the organization, the work they do (including upcoming municipal elections), and how BEC might contribute. She’ll also reflect on the results of the 2017 election.