Our aim is to build a supportive community of people who share a vision of society based on our core values: honesty, justice, compassion, responsibility, and courage. This community promotes these values by engaging in important social issues, seeking to both understand them and take action on them. We are committed to working toward a more ethical society and a world that lives by humanist values.

On the Move Again

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Submitted by Brian King

This year we have a lot of changes to announce.  The first is certainly our new space and meeting time (or is it our old space and meeting time?}.  We are moving back to the Longy School of Music at 33 Garden Street in Cambridge, and back to our old starting time of 10:30 AM every Sunday morning.  We first moved to the Longy School twenty years ago and met there for many years before we started our nomadic quest for new meeting space.  We are all hoping for some stability now, and plan on staying put this time.  Continue reading