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March 8: “Revitalization of Dorchester’s Strand Theater”

UMASSB0STON_ID_blue_316x412UMass/Boston students of Professor Erin O’Brien will give a presentation of plans to renovate the historic Strand Theater.

Mayor Marty Walsh has made it his goal to revitalize historic sites in Boston. One of his projects is Dorchester’s Strand Theater, which holds value for him. In the hopes of keeping the building’s political connection with history, Mayor Walsh is teaming with UMass Honor students to get the ball rolling. Two groups have come up with presentations outlining ways to improve the use of the 96 year old gem.

“I was expecting to come to classes, get grades. This has really been something I didn’t expect and I’m really grateful for,” Emma Hayes, a sophomore majoring in psychology and art, said.
Students worked on the revitalization project in their political science class taught by Erin O’Brien. Not only are they being graded, but their final project could be used to renew the Strand Theater. And Mayor Walsh says their projects have his attention.