Our aim is to build a supportive community of people who share a vision of society based on our core values: honesty, justice, compassion, responsibility, and courage. This community promotes these values by engaging in important social issues, seeking to both understand them and take action on them. We are committed to working toward a more ethical society and a world that lives by humanist values.

BEC Announces 2017 Grant Awards

The Grant Committee’s months-long process of soliciting and evaluating grant proposals drew to a climax in late September with the final allocation of the grant budget. The Committee selected seven applicants to receive grants in areas ranging from political asylum to homelessness and food justice.

The seven grantees for 2017 are:

Better Future Project, Cambridge ($4728). Funding to train student leaders in the movement for divestment of fossil fuels from college and university endowment portfolios.

college-bound-logoCollege Bound Dorchester, Boston ($10,000).College Bound Dorchester seeks out “youth core influencers” and offers them the support they need to prepare for and successfully attend a 2- or 4-year college program.

PrintFamily Services of the Merrimack Valley (Lawrence ($5000). Funding for their ESTEEM project to help troubled teens.


Mass-Care ($10,000). Funding for the Universal Health Care Education Fund.


The Food Project, Lincoln ($10,000). Funding to support youth programs in sustainable agriculture in several urban locations.


The PAIR Project, Boston ($10,000). Funding to aid grantees of political asylum and a new post-grant manual and services to help those who have been granted asylum navigate the paths to a green card and eventual citizenship.


Y2Y Homeless Shelter, Cambridge ($10,000). Funding to support a shelter for homeless youth in Cambridge. Y2Y is a project of the Phillips Brooks House Association.

The Grant Committee members visited each of the grantees at their respective locations as part of the selection process. Without exception, the selected applicants were impressive for their operation, their vitality, and their dedication to their work.