The mission of the Ethical Society of Boston is to create and sustain a community committed to humanistic ethical values for personal growth and progress toward a more humane society.

April 20, James Croft, “Speaking for Earth: Carl Sagan’s Scientific Spirituality”

James_CroftJames Croft of the Humanist Community at Harvard will speak on Carl Sagan.

Sagan was a noted scientists and popularizer of science – but was he more than that? Is it right to call him “spiritual”? In this presentation, James Croft will argue that Sagan can rightly be understood as a spiritual figure, with a view of science and humanity which is not just true but awesome, inspiring, and filled with wonder.

This talk will be held at the Humanist Hub, 30 JFK St.

Deed, not Creed – Building ESB Capacity to Practice What We Preach

Submitted by Andrea Perrault

A long-standing commitment of Ethical Societies has been “Deed, Not Creed”.  In discussions spurred by our long-range planning effort, members have expressed a need to revisit how the Ethical Society of Boston exemplifies this principle.   Our current practice seems to be limited to supporting or engaging in advocacy campaigns on social issues which we as an organization embrace.  While such action is important and will continue (on single payer health care, death with dignity, opposing Supreme Court decisions on campaign funding), some members have suggested that more locally-based grassroots efforts direct action efforts be part of how we live the “deed, not creed” philosophy.  Indeed, such action does bring a strong spirit of communal energy to members toward our causes, and often brings a stronger connection with other non-ESB members who are similarly engaged. Continue reading