Grantmaking is a new initiative at BEC in 2016.  In launching this program, we are choosing to use our financial reserves in service to our mission. We view philanthropy as a means to help other non-profit organizations to carry out important projects that align with our values.

Inquiries about the grants program can be sent to [email protected].

More about us

The Boston Ethical Community (officially, “Ethical Society of Boston”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offering its members a fellowship in which they can share with others a rational and compassionate approach to life.  Formed in 1955, the BEC has a long history of working to make our local community a better place, both through the actions of individuals informed by , and through direct social activism.

Members and friends of the Community gather weekly to participate in programs consisting of music, lectures, and discussion. These meetings provide opportunities for fellowship and for expanding our awareness of important issues. Meetings are open to the public, and we encourage all those interested to join us on Sunday mornings.

Our core values

  • We strongly believe in the essential worth of each individual as a human being.
  • We believe in fostering opportunity for all members of society to reach their highest potential.
  • We believe human societies are responsible for preserving the natural environment; we realize that the quality of life for future generations depends on the choices we make today.
  • Our concerns are with the world we live in; we believe that science and rational inquiry provide the best path to knowledge.

Funding guidelines