How to apply

Please provide a document no longer than 3000 words describing the project for which funds are requested. (We require electronic delivery in either PDF or .docx format). The document should provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is the background and mission of your organization?
  • What is the basic premise of the proposal and why is it needed?
  • Who is the population to be served by the proposed project?
  • What is the anticipated impact on the target population?
  • How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the project?
  • How will the project utilize the funds provided by BEC?
  • What is the staffing for the project? Who will be overseeing it?
  • Are there other area organizations providing similar services? Would you coordinate  with them?
  • What qualifies your organization to undertake this project?
  • What is the time period during  which the project is to be implemented? (Provide a rough timeline)
  • How do you see this project aligning with BEC’s core values?

In addition, the application should provide the following materials:

  • Recent audited financial statements
  • Statement of any funding received or budgeted for the project provided by other foundations or organizations.
  • A list of your organization’s Board of Directors.

Email your application document to