On Sunday, November 10th, a celebration of the life of Ed Roseland took place at 1550 Beacon Street, Ed’s home for the past decade. Organized by his son, Mark Roseland, who traveled with his family from Vancouver, British Columbia, the event was heartwarming to all who knew Ed. Katrina Scott, Ethical Society Officiant, presided over the gathering that included planned speakers and opportunities for those in the audience to share remembrances of Ed.

Mark Roseland had found wonderful photographs from Ed’s childhood, young adulthood, Army days, and photos with his wife Ruth and both of their parents. These were projected on a screen and Mark provided commentary; they also provided a fitting backdrop for the event.

Marline Miller and I had been asked by Mark to address the group. Marline shared stories of when she and Marvin met Ed and Ruth, and how they developed a decades-old Thanksgiving tradition together. She also shared tales about their days with the Ethical Society of Boston, including the meetings at Ed and Ruth’s home to plan the for Sunday speakers. I also remembered those meetings, having attended the June meetings for many years, absorbing lessons about who and what ESB members wanted to hear. I’ve attended ESB Sunday platforms for over twenty years; the very first was to hear a talk by Ruth Roseland, a psychologist, who addressed the topic of trauma. Both Ed and Ruth and their warmth and commitment were reasons for my continued engagement with the Society.

Many other people spoke of Ed’s many admirable qualities. Margo Woods recounted her appreciation to Ed for his generosity in funding a Compassionate Communication initiative for the Society that allowed her to attend a10-day training in Texas.

Many members of the Ethical Society of Boston will remember Ed Roseland as a stalwart member who kind, knowledgeable, and a committed contributor. He will be missed.

Mark Roseland is working with the ESB Board of Trustees to endow an annual memorial lecture dedicated to Ed and Ruth Roseland to occur in the spring. The first lecture will be delivered on Sunday, May 11, 2014 and will feature Dr. Julian Agyeman of Tufts University who is an expert on sustainable development. Stay tuned for more details on this event.