The Grant Committee’s months-long process of soliciting and evaluating grant proposals drew to a climax in late September with the final  allocation of the grant budget. The Committee selected five applicants to receive grants in areas ranging from police-community relations to aiding homeless youth.

The five grantees for 2016 are:

clsacc-imageCommunity Legal Services and Counseling Center of Cambridge ($1979). CLSACC requested funds for its training classes for people applying to Section 8 (low-income) rental housing.

cmaa-imageCambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Lowell ($3000). CMAA requested funds for  voter engagement efforts and for citizenship training classes.

ecco-imageEssex County Community Organization of Lynn ($10,000). ECCO’s grant supports its innovative program to advance police-community relations in a racially-mixed community.


Youth Harbors (Justice Resource Institute, $7500). The Youth Harbors project of JRI serves a growing population of homeless high school students in the Boston area.


MassVOTE of Boston ($2500). MassVOTE is a nonpartisan voter engagement organization that does both grassroots activism as well as legislative lobbying work. They are sharing the grant with Nonprofit VOTE of Cambridge, which does data analysis and training for nonprofits around the country.

The Grant Committee members visited each of the grantees at their respective locations as part of the selection process. Without exception, the selected applicants were impressive for their operation, their vitality, and their dedication to their work.